Friday, 13 November 2015

A secret to help you write gut-wrenching scenes

Hi everyone!

So today I want to talk about a little secret I learned when researching and revising this week (if you've not guessed, I'm a passionate reviser!!).

I'll be honest, I was struggling with an emotional scene (namely how to get the emotion in successfully!). It wasn't quite clicking the way I wanted it to.

 We all know that feeling, am I right?

After scrolling through pages and pages of blogs, articles and whatnot, and then delving into the never ending list of research books and YouTube videos, I came across this:


Now, for some of you, you know this already and are probably thinking "humph, well I know that". However, for those like me who have been writing a while and haven't quite gotten those gut wrenching scenes down oat, this is a huge help. It's also good to remember not to overwrite and to make sure you leave spaces for your reader to fill in, too.

Now, in the spirit of a fun Friday - feel free to leave a comment with a short extract of your scene in question and I'll be happy to give my gut reaction.

Looking forward to reading!!!

F x

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