Monday, 28 July 2014

I'm Back!

So, the blog has been a touch quiet of late, namely because I moved house and it took two months for the lines to be dug into the road so I could have internet again.  That said, I am officially back!  And what better way to kick start the blog than to do a little Pitch Wars pre-competition fun!

Most folks know what Pitch Wars is in the writing world, but if you're an aspiring writer and you don't know what it is, then why don't you go and check out BRENDA DRAKE'S WEBSITE for all the cool details.  After all, she is the queen of the contest.

Okay, are we all clear on the details now?  Good.  As I've missed you all so much (and I missed the fun of the query critiques and first page critiques on Brenda's website), I've decided to do a 1 week special - writers who post EITHER their blurb (the bit that explains your story in the query letter) OR a 1 page synopsis of their book will get feedback.  Please indicate whether you would prefer feedback as a reply on the post or as a private email.  The critiques will be available until the 4th of August.

I am happy to look at any genre, though you should know that I will only be looking at YA submissions for the actual contest.

I look forward to seeing what you've all got!