Thursday, 29 August 2013

Pitch Madness - Why US?

Why do you want Team Awesome for Pitch Madness?

In short, our team hosts helped gain publishing contracts for our amazing team of writers last time around!  Is there a better reason than that?

BookOmnivore (aka Fiona) and Sharon Johnson work tirelessly to help writers retain their voice, polish their work, and snag those elusive publishing deals.  Whatever it takes, day or night, you'll find these two ladies working endlessly to help you achieve your dreams.

And who better than a team co-host who found her agent through Pitch Madness itself (that'll be Fiona!).  YA Topian Fiona snagged her agent by entering this wonderful contest last year and honing her pitch, polishing her query, and learning the game from the inside out.  So why not join TeamAwesome and see your book gain the same success?

And if you need more reason than that...check out Sharon Johnson on .  Find out more about the Hostess With the Mostest and why she's going to help your pitch shine brighter than the sun!

And a little tip...last year Fiona actually helped critique 30 of her favorite writers from Pitch Madness with their first chapters, queries and more!

So why not join us?  Step over to the Dark Side.  Whatever it takes, we're going to make sure you push forward with your writing and step closer to your dreams.  Come know you want to!!!


  1. I'll start sharpening my pencil... Or my keyboard... Whatever.

  2. LMAO Pitch Madness is soooo worth the entry. Even if people don't make the agent round, it can be so illuminating by seeing what DID make the rounds.